Orbit Tuna Maria

  • Tote meals safely with our double casserole carrier that keeps hot and cold foods separate. Both lower and upper compartments are thermal lined making them perfect for toting hot and cold foods.

    Each section holds a 9" x 13" pan, and the lower section will fit up to a 3" high pan. The upper section has plenty of extra room and can be packed with cold packs to carry food and beverages. Hold the "ice" and you can fill the top with plates, snacks and everything you need for potluck dinners and tailgating. We’ve added an outer zippered pocket to hold utensils, napkins & more.

    Made from durable 100% polyester and thermal foil lined.

    17"l x 16.5"h x 12"w

    ***Do not place hot dishes and pans directly from the oven into the carrier. Allow dishes to cool a bit to prevent damage to the lining/bag. We recommend using use cold packs for cold food toting, do not place loose ice in the bag to prevent watery messes when the ice melts.

  • Returns accepted within 30 days of purchase. Refund given with proof of purchase or store credit given without proof of purchase.