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Consultation To Determine Your Needs

Just as it sounds! A WALK through your SPACE with one of our designers or one of our professional organizers. As we tour the spaces and you share your points of stress, we will take careful notes to develop a plan to attack the clutter. After careful analysis, consideration and research, we will present you with a custom game plan which may include a Design & Estimate for a System installation or simply Organizing and repurposing what you already have.

$100  one revision

for up to 5 spaces / $200 for 5 or more

Organizing Your Current Home or 

Setting Up Your New Home

You need a team on a MISSION to help you find a beautiful space! You have everything you just don't know where it is! Whether you are relocating or have lived in this house for years, the Cadets can help you set up your SPACE with organization. Perhaps you just moved in and are overwhelmed by cardboard boxes everywhere, or you're preparing to host a big holiday party and afraid someone might open the medicine cabinet! We will tidy up, set it up and even haul off the boxes.


Installing New Storage Systems

Sometimes your spaces require more than just hands-on organizing. Perhaps your system has fallen down or it needs to be replaced with one that works better for you and your belongings. You need to be LAUNCHED into a new SPACE! We will conduct a SpaceWalk (and apply the fee as a credit to your purchase) to determine what products you need. After the decision on your personalized design has been made our team can remove your existing system, repair and paint the walls, then install the new product. We even place your items back in the closet to verify the quality of our design and make sure it will work for you!

Maintenance Program

If you've ever had a maid, you dread the moments of racing through your home trying to clear everything off the surfaces and the floors and stashing them somewhere just so she can sweep, mop, dust, or vacuum. You know the clutter build-up from these days every week and the fear of trying to find something that was "just there" before she came! What if you could give the maid the week off and have someone that kept the clutter under control? Let our team put it all back together again for you with a Space Orbit. As the planets orbit the Sun on a regular schedule, our team member(s) will ORBIT your space, on a MISSION to TIDY up so the maid can CLEAN up. 


Keynote, Special Events, Workshops

Free & Fee Options

Our professional organizer, Kim McBrayer, is available for speaking on a variety of topics ranging from the Basics of Organizing to Finding Peace in Your Space. After working with hundreds of clients for the past 15+ years, Kim combines her experiences in the organizing business with her own personal struggles of losing a child to cancer, parenting, divorce, remarriage, coping with grief, rebuilding a business and shares how she has been overcoming it all with her faith, friends and family. Prepare to laugh and cry as Kim helps you see how living an authentic life, without the masks society wants to force upon us, is truly what has brought her the peace and serenity she enjoys today.

Add on Options - A La Carte

Shopping/Research $30 per hour

Basic Handyman $50 per hour

(no electric/water) 

Haul Off & Trash Removal $75 small load; $150 large load

Wall Preparation Priced by the foot; Touch-up or Full Paint

Travel Fee (outside Metro Birmingham) Priced by mile for round-trip

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