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Organizer's Direct Garage

Built-In Melamine Cabinetry

Whether you need more storage for your sports equipment and power tools or you desire a full-blown man cave, we can create a space just for you.  Our commercial grade cabinets are custom built to virtually any height, depth or width to provide you with a truly unique design to fit your needs and lifestyle.  All our cabinets are securely mounted off the floor to protect your belongings from water, debris and pests.  This design also allows you to easily hose down your garage floor without damaging the cabinets. Other cabinet system features include:

  • 1 inch adjustable shelves with 100 pound storage capacity

  • Interior mounted, soft-close steel hinges with 110 degree radius

  • Fully integrated backing on all cabinets

  • Full extension drawers

  • Wall-mounted construction

  • Four workbench countertop options

  • Optional sliding doors

  • Lifetime warranty

We offer two varieties of garage cabinet door. Our hinged cabinet doors come standard with interior-mounted steel hinges which open a full 110 degrees.

We also offer an innovative dual-track sliding cabinet door system which allows easy access to belongings without having to move a parked vehicle. This is an ideal choice for garages where space is tight.

Garage Accessories

We also offer a wide variety of products for garage organization, such as overhead storage racks and accessories for slatwall and gridwall storage systems. Complete your custom garage cabinets and wall storage with our extensive selection of durable hooks, tilt bins, wire baskets, tool holders, sport racks, recycling bins, and more.

OD Garage Accessories.jpg

Thermally Fused Laminate Cabinets

Our standard garage cabinets have a thermally fused laminate finish with a banded edge. These cabinets are moisture-, stain- and chip-resistant, so they will last even through temperature changes and heavy use. Choose from seven colors to coordinate with the décor of your home.

Powder Coated Cabinets

Durable powder-coated cabinets are fully encapsulated for the ultimate level of protection. This finish is environment-resistant and is far more durable than liquid paint or other alternative finishes. Choose our powder-coated Granite finish for a timeless look or our bold powder-coated Red to make a statement.

OD Garage Colors.PNG
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