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We're here to transform your 


Space Planning + Professional Organizing + Custom Closets + Retail & Showroom 

How It Works

We love helping families feel more comfortable and organized in their home by overcoming clutter. When you hire us, we will come to your home and create a customized plan with you to get your home in order! Some examples of projects are: 


Holiday Planning

Spring Cleaning

Purging & Donations


Party Preparation

Reloading Closets

Grief Relief


Our Process



Considering everything from the big picture to the smallest details, we will dissect and analyze your cluttered areas, which involves taking inventory of your items and your spaces, as well as in-depth discussion about what you'd like to keep or donate.

Planning & Estimating

We will determine the number of organizers, specific tools and supplies needed for the job. Then, we plan how many hours or days it will take. You will receive an estimate before we begin. On occasion, the project may expand beyond our plans, but you will be updated along the way and approve any changes. However, on most jobs, we finish earlier than expected.

Production Day

The big day has finally arrived! Our organizers are on their way and ready to execute our plan to Organize Your World!

We will do the full haul away of your donations and trash, and we will give you the donation receipt to file with your taxes. 


Getting organized is one thing, but staying organized sometimes requires some extra help too. Just like the planets orbit the Sun, we will circle back to help you maintain the order.

Our Pricing

Space Mission

Prices based on

project / volume

You need a team on a MISSION to help you find a beautiful space! You have everything you just don't know where it is! Whether you are relocating or have lived in this house for years, the Cadets can help you get organized. Be ready for any occasion We will tidy up, set it up and even haul off the boxes.

Supersonic Sort


Have a lot of stuff you need to sort and purge? Perfect way to begin a large project like Spring Cleaning, when you need to donate some of the extra buildup you have accumulated. Perhaps you have recently lost a loved one and find yourself in the difficult circumstance of sorting through their personal items. This can be a great resource to aid you with the Grief Relief. Or perhaps you're relocating and need to prepare; moving less stuff saves you time and money.

Space Orbit


(3-hour minimum)

It's the night before the maid comes and everyone is running through the house, stuffing stuff away and then you can't find it later. Sound familiar?  Let our team put it all back together again for you with a Space Orbit. As the planets orbit the Sun on a

regular schedule, our team member(s) will ORBIT your space to TIDY up so the maid can CLEAN up. Our maintenance plan to keep you organized.

Our Portfolio

Our Organizing Customer Reviews


Harriett M., Mountain Brook

Two statements my organizer said to me were, "Like with like" and "Everything has a home". I have much more space today and keep it that way. I am grateful to her for showing me I don't need to buy anything else.

Roslyn S., Vestavia

My husband and I love all the "new" space Kim created for us in our master bedroom closets. Everything has a place - finally. Kim is very professional and makes the process easy.

Shawn D., Birmingham, AL

Kim and her staff are very customer-focused. Nothing "cookie-cu​tter" here. They follow-up consistently and do exactly what they say they're going to do - what a concept! I was a referral customer and it was a great experience!

Concrete Flat Panel-Shoe Shelf Angle-May 2014.jpg

Debbie N.

A big thank you to the Space Cadet Team of Ashley, Christy, Elizabeth, and Jennifer! They were wonderful; and, my closet looks fabulous!  I really appreciate their promptness in arriving at my home, their attention to details, and their efficiency.  There is no way I could have achieved what they achieved.......hard working Team who know what they are doing. And, they were very polite and professional.  An absolute delight to have in my home. I would also like to say thank you to Space Cadet Captain Kim. She came to my home the first morning of the job, introduced me to the Team, and set the stage for a successful experience and a successful outcome. Then, she called me the afternoon the job was completed to make sure I was satisfied. Excellent focus on the customer. And last but not least I would like to say thank you to Randy, Chris, and Marissa. The first day of the job Randy delivered the equipment the Team used, and the afternoon the job was completed Chris picked up the equipment and the trash from the job.  Both gentlemen called me before arriving at my home and were very polite, professional, and efficient. Marissa did not come into my home yet played an important role from the Space Cadet office. In every communication I had with Marissa, she was consistently polite, professional, and helpful.  I highly recommend the Space Cadets and plan to have them in home for another organizing session soon.  My pantry is calling their name...

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