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Freedom Rail Garage

A garage system that changes with your life!


From single to married;

from sports car to minivan;

from strollers to bicycles to golf carts. 


Imagine all the stages a family can go through...and your garage could evolve with you, if you use the Freedom Rail Garage System.

Adjustable, Modular Storage

Reclaim control and organize your garage once and for all. Freedom Rail’s Garage storage systems and Activity Organizers will help you get garage items off the floor and maximize space with shelving, cabinets, hooks and baskets. As a result, you’ll have an organized garage ready for its intended purpose — to park your car.

Garages are more than a place to just park the car though. These spaces have a heavy workload, often doing double duty as extra storage space. Freedom Rail Garage is a complete storage solution combining tough cabinetry, shelving and work tops with a variety of accessories to keep everything accessible and organized.

Endless Solutions

Engineered for your active family. Organized Living garage systems and Activity Organizers offer endless solutions to organize every sport, hobby and activity. Designed with the strongest hardware and shelves, our systems are guaranteed to withstand daily use.

Activity Grid & Accessories

Ever have to move things around in a garage to get just the perfect order? That's how it is with the Activity Grid! Attach the grid to the wall and keep rearranging the hooks, baskets and shelves around until you get all of your stuff in just the right spot. Purchase a new here trimmer? Not a problem! Move it all again - and never have to drill another hole in that cinderblock!

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