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Fixed Ventilated

Even if you are living on a tight budget, we have something for you too! Our primary focus of organization is not as much about the products as it is the principles of QUALITY DESIGN. And chances are, we can give you a system that will still be better than what you currently have. Too often, homeowners are stuck with a basic wire system installed to satisfy a checklist on a builder's form to close the construction process. 

Or, perhaps you have a full-house project and you just need a closet for Grandma to visit at the holidays, so less of your budget is dedicated to this space so you can get that master closet you've always dreamt about!


Organized Living Fixed Ventilated systems are the strongest available. They provide the strength and durability that homebuyers expect in their closets. With the thickest wire gauge, epoxy powder coating and patented hardware, which tightens into a ball behind the drywall, offering 360 degrees of contact to ensure the shelf stays securely attached to the wall. Lifetime Ventilated systems are engineered to last a lifetime.

• 43% more steel than ClosetMaid

• 37% more steel than Rubbermaid

• 26% more steel than Shelftech


Lifetime Ventilated components are coated with beautiful white or satin nickel epoxy for a lifetime of non-chip, non-stick performance. Epoxy powder coating is environmentally friendly and contributes to LEED points. 

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