Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your storage spaces with our built-in melamine systems from Organizers Direct. Choose from numerous colors, styles and finishes. Complete the look with the perfect hardware and accessories.

Uniquely designed, Freedom Rail is a fully-adjustable modular closet storage system that can go along with all of life's changes. With plenty of options, your closet will be exactly what you need to get organized!

Simple Wood Shelf and Rod is a fixed wood shelf and rod system combining quality Classica wood shelves and hardware to create an economical wood storage solution. It’s designed for a custom fit and quick, easy installation. Beautifully crafted with 3⁄4” melamine and 2 mil radius edgebanding, it is the non-adjustable but economical solution to provide wood shelving for a range of storage spaces.

Ventilated Hardwood Shelving combines function with style, beauty & durability.  Slatted design allows air flow and light penetration, ideal characteristics for storage solutions.  Our ventilated shelving is hand-crafted from 100% American grown Ash hardwood lumber.  Ash wood is among the strongest hardwoods available which means your shelving is built for lifetime use.

Not every budget fits our preferred product choices, but since we think everyone should be organized, we offer a less expensive line too. With a quality design Lifetime can make a big difference for your space.

Built-In Cabinets

Built-In Cabinets give your garage a clean, upscale look that will welcome you home and invite your car into its perfect parking spot. Slat wall completes the space and offers a variety of accessories to handle all of the stuff that a garage can hold.

Freedom Rail

Who can imagine a space with more life changes than a garage? From strollers to bikes to golf carts, these modular components from Freedom Rail Garage makes it easy to change your space and make it just right for you.



With all the options on the market, even the most professional of organizers can be overwhelmed! Whether it's baskets, hooks, bins or tie racks, we find all the cool accessories to make your space out of this world! Check out our ONLINE STORE for all the great accessories!